A Multi-Engine rating within the Indian professional Pilot program requires a candidate to have at least 10 hours of flight on a DGCA approved twin or a multi-engine aircraft. Most Airlines in India require 25 hours on a multi-engine experience, with at least 15 hours on an actual aircraft. A multi-engine rating is a step towards flying professionally for the airline industry.

Diamond DA42
Number of seats 4
Max take-off weight 1700 kg
Empty weight 1251 kg
Height 2.49 m
Length 8.56 m
Wingspan 13.42 m
Range 1693 km/h
Maximum speed 356 km/h
Rate of climb 6.5 m/

Piper PA-34 Seneca
Number of seats 6
Max take-off weight 2155 kg
Empty weight 1457 kg
Height 3.02 m
Length 8.72 m
Wing span 11.86 m
Cruising speed 348 km/h
Maximum speed 378 km/h
Minimum power/mass 164 w/k

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