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Our DGCA CPL  ground school aims to provide high-quality training that emphasizes on laying the foundation for every ambitious pilot.


  • Training is in accordance with the DGCA examination pattern.
  • latest study material with practice questions
  • concept based learning 
  • regular performance evaluation
  • expert faculty

Air Navigation:

Air navigation is one of the most significant subjects in pilots, with the general ideas of which include planning, charting, and directing the path of flight from one location to another.

Eligibilty: Valid DGCA Computer Number
Duration: 2 months

aviation meterology


Aviation Meteorology focuses primarily on principles, aiming to provide an understanding of the atmosphere constituents of the weather and how they affect the flight, with an emphasis on variables affecting the performance of the aircraft.

Eligibility: Valid DGCA Computer Number
Duration: 45 days

Air Regulation:

Air regulations is a study of a wide range of Indian and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) laws and regulations, including aircraft design and maintenance, all phases of flight, pilot training requirements, man-made structure heights, obstacle illumination, and markings.The guidelines are intended to improve aviation safety by requiring pilots and schools to be certified

Eligibilty : Valid DGCA Computer Number
Duration: 45 Days


Technical General:

One of the most important and interesting subjects related to pilot training. It includes studies of Aerodynamics, Aircraft systems, Jet Engines, piston engines, propeller

Eligibilty: Valid DGCA Computer Number
Duration: 2 Months

Technical Specific:

This exam is for students doing flying training from India. Exam is specifically of the particular aircraft on which student is getting trained in their respective flying school, such as Cessna 172, Cessna 152, DA-40, Etc. Exam syllabus is primarily focused on the systems and type of engine installed in the aircraft used for training.

Eligibility : Valid DGCA Computer Number
Duration: 1 Month

technical specific


This Examination is conducted in conjunction with WPC and DGCA. Exam is divided into 2 Sections. Part-1,which deals in Radio transmission test & Part-2, which is a Viva of Regulations, Radio-aids, Basic Electrical theory.

Eligibilty : Valid DGCA Computer Number
Duration: 35-45 days

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