CPL Conversion

Many candidates obtain their professional pilot’s licence abroad for a variety of reasons, and in order to be recruited as a pilot in India, they must convert the foreign licence to satisfy the Indian CAA (DGCA). Boom in Indian Civil Aviation has indicated pilot shortages, and the authorities have now simplified the process of converting abroad pilot licences to Indian ones.

JAIPUR AVIATION provides a ‘License Conversion’ course for holders of a valid CPL or CPL/ME-IR licence who want to convert it to an Indian DGCA CPL. This course is available for single-engine and multi-engine planes. We also provide expert coaching for the License Conversion examination, which is conducted by the DGCA in accordance with government of India regulations.


Current Pilot License
Current Class I Medical
Current FRTOL(R)
The course comprises mainly of:
Aircraft Familiarization: Day & Night
General Flying Test: Day & Night
Cross-Country Check: 250Nm by Day & 120Nm by Night
Instrument Rating Check

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